We're Still in Business After Week One

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  • By Ted Houser

This is the first email that we sent to friends and family on 04/17/2020 to update our community on the launch of Hush Money Bikes and our partnership with Floyd's Cafe in Lancaster.

This is the first email that we sent to friends and family on 04/17/2020 to update our community on the launch of Hush Money Bikes. If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, please sign up via the link in the footer below.


Hey Yo,


So, if you're reading this email, it means that you probably already know Ted Houser, Chris Caldwell, or Nathan Baker.


You may or may not know that, last week, the three of us opened a bike shop on Gallery Row in downtown Lancaster next to Floyd's Cafe. The name of the shop is Hush Money Bikes.


This email is a quick update of what we're up to and how we're making the Lancaster bike world sparkle a little more during these dark and uncertain pandemic times.


Last week we announced our partnership with Floyd's Cafe on Instagram and shared that we are now scheduling essential no contact service at 237 N Prince Street where you can also get CBD coffee to go.


This week we started selling bike parts and accessories on hushmoneybikes.com with free no contact curbside pickup at the shop. Our online inventory is growing slowly, but you can call us and we'll special order anything from the bike universe on your behalf.


This week we also opened the The Hush Fund, a "pay it forward" opportunity to help cyclists in need with automatic donations from every bike sale.


Today, Lancaster Newspapers announced our arrival in town with a nice little article that was written by Chad Umble from a safe social distance.


So week one was good! We are downright tickled by how many of you have already trusted us to service your bikes. Honestly, we are jumping to keep up.


If things continue at this pace, @baronvonfancypants should receive his first paycheck sometime in mid July and we'll have his new parts washer paid off by late November!


We also created a Facebook Page this week. Just in case you'd like to invite your grandparents to follow us online. But seriously, @mennonitebikeparty is having a hard time letting go.


This is our first time opening a bike shop during a pandemic and we're doing it for you. If you've got any ideas for how we can meet your needs or make you smile, please reply to this email or mention @directorofbeardsnacks in an Instagram story.


Our next email will highlight customer stories and will include some exciting announcements about the bike brands that we will be bringing to Gallery Row.


But we get it. Your inbox is a sacred place. If this is too much, please feel free to unsubscribe below.


We love you all. Thanks for your support. We'll use email to share the details of our grand opening party, scheduled for a momentous day in the sweet beyond when this pandemic is but a shared memory of that time we all wore face masks to fix bikes.


Chris, Nate, and Ted