2023 Fall Fuckaround Homecoming Weekend Details

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  • By Baron von Fancypants

Boy howdy, it's Fall Fuckaround time again! This year we're riding to benefit The Lancaster Conservancy whose mission is “providing wild and forested lands and clean waterways for our community. Forever.” We spend a lot of time enjoying these lands and we wanna chip in. 

FRIDAY November 24


Morning of:

We have plenty of space at our disposal. If it's gross outside, we can start and finish inside where it's dry and warm. But it never hurts to bring a lawn chair if you plan to hang around for a while. Our friends at Breeo Smokeless Fire Pits are bringing some heat and we're lining up the Cabalar food truck for the post-ride grease.

We'll be starting at the shop, 414 N. Mary Street, Lancaster. There is plenty of free street parking in every direction around the shop. If it's raining and you need a dry staging area, there is a reasonably priced parking garage just a few blocks away at 220 N. Water Street, Lancaster. The parking lot adjacent to the shop will be closed to cars on the day of the event. (We'll need that room for activities.) Our friends at Endo Coffee will have the coffee trailer there to keep you warm and caffeinated before we shove off. If you're looking for a full breakfast, Prince Street Cafe will be open at 7am and Lancaster's Central Market will be open at 6am. If you've never been, Central Market is the social hub of Lancaster and is worth getting up a little early to see. Whatever you do, be at the shop by 9:30 and be ready to roll at 10:00. 


The Ride:

There are two courses, however both courses also have an alternate route for folks with road bikes (and road bike shoes.) All courses are linked below. There are no course markings, please download the course to a computer or use Ride With GPS. You will have phone reception the entire day, so if things get fucky, just find your way home using your phone. 

The long course has a substantial (3/4 mile?) hike-a-bike section, non-road shoes are highly recommended. Both courses follow the length of Suzy's Hole, which is light singletrack with a couple very easy creek crossings. The only aid station on the day is immediately after the Suzy's/Trolley Road trail section. Mom and Dad von Fancypants will be serving up the treats. 

After the aid station there's a short section of chunky railroad ballast, then a bunch of miles of some of the most beautiful rail trail anywhere. While on the rail trail, riders will cross the new Safe Harbor bridge, which provides expansive views of the Susquehanna River. After leaving the rail trail, you'll wind through Millersville and back to the  shop. 


Long Course: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/38049384

Long Course (Road): https://ridewithgps.com/routes/41451896

Short Course: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/41098048

Short Course (Road): https://ridewithgps.com/routes/41451829




The Dewey Beer Co. After-Party:

The Dewey Beer CO. has kindly offered to cover the beer for the post-ride party. Additionally, our friends at Breeo sent four smokeless fire pits over for us to cook on and stand around. We'll have the meats and the non-meats, and Lancaster celebrity Drew Bell will be there to regale us with stories and keep us fed with food from the fire pits. There will also be beer and a hot chocolate/horchata Skratch recovery station. There's also an ice cream shop across the street from the shop if you're craving a nice cold milkshake after a presumably cold ride. 


The Homecoming Party:

Ride registrants AND those who did not partake are all welcome to join us at the shop at 5pm for our annual Homecoming Party. Food trucks, beer, and shenanigans are the norm. 


SATURDAY November 25


Hush Money Swap Meet and Parking Lot Sale:

We're holding a good old fashioned meat swap at 11am at the shop on Small Business Saturday. You know, one of those events where everyone brings their old bike parts and barters and haggles until everything is gone. We'll also be running some pretty zany deals inside the shop on clearance bikes and inventory.

The swap meet will be held in the parking lot rain or shine. We're providing nothing but the parking lot and the traffic. Feel free to bring your own tables and pop ups. Sellers must register with the Baron to reserve a spot for free.