Free Beer, CBD, and Gift Cards - Otso and Wahoo 2021 Demo Night

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  • By Ted Houser

Join us at Hush Money Bikes November 4 from 5-8 pm to enjoy free pizza, beer from Lawson's Finest, and CBD coffee from Endo while checking out the latest from Wahoo and Otso. Plus, receive a Hush Money gift card when you order an Otso or purchase a trainer.



Work with Otso on your dream build

Otso bicycle reps will be on hand November 4 from 5-8 pm at Hush Money Bikes with a demo vehicle full of their latest product and tech. If you are considering a Waheela C, Warakin, or the all new Fenrir, this is your opportunity to get hands-on experience with current models and to talk to Otso employees about their mojo-infused products. Ask the right questions and a little swag may even flow your way.


If you decide to order an Otso during this demo event, you'll also receive a gift card for $100 to apply toward any future purchase at Hush Money. Use that plus a 10% discount on parts and accessories to load up on gear for your new Otso.


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Demo and save on Wahoo trainers

The Wahoo demo van will be at Hush Money Bikes from 5-8 pm on November 4 with the complete lineup of indoor trainers, including the KICKR BIKE! Ride the KICKR, KICKR CORE, and KICKR SNAP trainers back to back to determine which smart trainer is right for you. Try the KICKR CLIMB and HEADWIND and discover how realistic and entertaining indoor fitness can be. And don't forget to ask the rep to show you how easy it is to setup a Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT or ROAM computer. Hint, it's easy.


To sweeten the deal, a Hush Money employee will hand you a $100 Gift Card if you purchase a KICKR during the event, a $75 Gift Card if you purchase a KICKR CORE, and a $50 Gift Card if you purchase a KICKR SNAP. Boom, yo, this is the time to prepare for winter with a new smart trainer.



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Lancaster's Finest deserve Lawson's

Somehow, we managed to catch the attention of Lawson's Finest Liquids, a Vermont brewery with a whole mission statement, core values, and everything. Using sunshine and other tasty renewable ingredients, Lawson's brews some of the finest nectars in the land. Anyway, they were like, "You seem like fine folk down there in Lancaster. And we like fine folk. If you ever host a gathering of fine people, in your fine town, we'd like our fine liquids to be there."


So, fine people, join us November 4 from 5-8 pm and enjoy a fine beverage compliments of Lawson's Finest. But don't get here late. There's no telling what we'll serve you if we run out of the good stuff.


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Get Friendly with Endo Cafe

It's no secret that we've got a great thing going with our friends at Endo Cafe. So great, in fact, that they are staying open from 5-8 pm to join our little party on November 4. When you attend the Hush Money demo event, stop in next door at the cafe to meet the owners and enjoy a free sample of their CBD coffee.


Did you know that Endo is more than a cafe? They just launched a line of CBD tinctures that are available at select retailers across the country. Attend the event to learn more about what's coming from this young, locally-owned brand.


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Come hang out with us on November 4,


Your Friends at Hush Money Bikes