Hush Money Bikes x Voler Women's Cache Cargo Bibshort

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We've always had the same checklist for our bibs: Plenty of cargo pockets, a high-quality chamois, and dyed (not sublimated) fabric. The first two are obvious and easy. But why do we care so much about dyed fabrics? Dyed materials keep their richness and depth of color even when they're stretched. Sublimated bibs, on the other hand, can whiten as they stretch and age. Colored bibs have always been a cornerstone of our kit design, and Voler has created this new bib specifically to meet our needs. (No for real, they really did! When our last supplier stopped offering colored, dyed bibs, we looked high and low for a replacement, but with no luck. Eventually Voler called us up and said "We don't make this product, but we want in on what y'all are up to, so we'll make it happen." Or something to that effect.)

Featuring plenty of snack stash space in the two thigh pockets bearing the Hush Money logo, wider leg grippers, and lower profile pockets, the Cache 2.0 is redesigned for seamless transitions from fast road rides to long gravel hauls. This three-pocketed cycling bib short is purpose built to carry more with or without a jersey. Voler updated the thigh pockets for a more streamlined fit and pinch free feel, while adding additional stealth storage, secured to the back of the bib harness.

-sewn in the USA
-UPF 50+
-two thigh pockets
-a very useful rear pocket
-dyed fabrics, kinda British Racing Green-ish

Please review the size charts carefully before ordering. We are unable to accept returns on clothing that is worn directly against the body.

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