Hush Money Bikes Dynaplug Racer PRO Tubeless Repair Kit

Availability: Special Order Item - Call to Order

The Hush Money engraved Dynaplug Racer PRO Tubeless Bicycle Tire Repair Kit is only available for purchase at Hush Money Bikes.

The Dynaplug® Racer Pro improves upon the legendary Racer's original design with Twin Tube™ technology. This allows you to store 4 pre-loaded plugs ready to go in a single tool. Snap-on caps protect plugs from dirt and damage. When your ready to make a repair, just pop off a cap to deploy either a standard size plug (with wheel-friendly soft brass tip) or the aluminum Megaplug for mega-big punctures. If you need more plugs just unthread the Twin Tube™ and flip it around for more plugging action!

NOTE: Pictures display multiple Dynaplugs in one image. Each order only contains one Dynaplug!

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