Day Spa - Complete Tune Up Package

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Treat your bike to the Hush Money Day Spa for a parts overhaul and frame-up rebuild

Schedule your bike for The Hush Money Day Spa every three years or 3,000 miles for road bikes (1000 miles for mountain bikes) OR anytime things have gotten crunchy, dingy, and out of hand.

After stripping your bike to the frame, we clean and inspect every component before reassembling the bike with fresh lube, new cables, and new grips or tape.

While your bike is at The Hush Money Day Spa a technician at Hush Money Bikes will:

- Remove all parts from frame

- Clean parts and frame

- True AND tension wheels

- Install headset

- Install bottom bracket

- Install chainrings and cassette

- Install new tires

- Inspect and fill tires

- Adjust headset

- Adjust bottom bracket

- Remove and clean drivetrain in parts washer

- Lubricate and install chain

- Replace cables and housing or update electronic firmware and replace batteries

- Tune shifting

- Install brake pads

- Bleed brakes

- Install new bar tape or grips


Parts are not included in service rates. Your bike will be evaluated for free during your service check-in and additional parts or services may be recommended based on the unique needs of your bicycle.


Service options that are always billed a la carte:

- Derailleur hanger alignment

- Handlebar/stem/fork install

- Cut steerer tube

- Tubeless tire setup or refresh

- Spoke tension report

- Suspension Inspection

- Suspension Service

- Internal Cable Routing

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