Bicycle Ride Routes in Lancaster Pennsylvania

The Hush Money Bikes private collection of cycling routes in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

When we're not at the shop, we're out on our bikes. Here are a few of our favorite cycling routes in Lancaster County with a short description of what we like about each one.


The Hush Money Hot Lap - 13.24 miles, 802 feet


This short multi-surface circuit is a fast paved route with a wee bit of squirmy gravel and a few short steep climbs. The Hush Money Hot Lap is our favorite loop for a quick workout and a great way to test a new bike on a variety of road conditions.


The Turkey Trot - 32.42 miles, 2,993 feet


Designed to be ridden counterclockwise, The Turkey Trot includes the iconic climbs of Turkey Hill and Boyscout Road and ends with a thigh burner up Strawberry Street.


The Dirty Turkey - 36.79 miles, 2,964 feet


The Dirty Turkey is a variation of the Turkey Trot that is designed to be ridden clockwise and includes a hot minute of single track and about five miles of gravel.


Fat Stacks Hundo - The Hush Money Round the River - 101.44 miles, 8,261 feet


This mixed-surface hundo was ridden clockwise from Lancaster by a few of us on April 12, 2021. The elevation is packed into the first 60 miles of the Fat Stacks Hundo, making it easier to gauge your energy level for the last 40 miles. If you're lucky, you'll catch a tailwind from York back to Lancaster. There is a lunch stop at the Country View Market at mile 40 and a resupply at the Rutter's at mile 60.


Northwest River Lancaster Junction Connector - 55.99 miles, 3,080 feet

Designed to be ridden clockwise, the Northwest River Lancaster Junction Connector route includes sections of both the Northwest River Trail and the Lancaster Junction Recreation Trail. On the way back in town, it also swoops through Noel Dorwart Park and the Northwest Corridor Linear Park. Detour through The Fridge if you need a pint-shaped reward at the end of your ride.


I See Amish People - 43.60 miles, 2,424 feet


This route is a scenic tour of quintessential Lancaster County Amish Countryside, with a handful of covered bridges and two short but steep climbs to keep you on your toes.


To Lititz With Love - 39.10 miles, 1,965 feet


This route is designed to be run counterclockwise and follows a meandering path to Ephrata before taking the Warwick-Ephrata Rail Trail into Lititz. The return route to Lancaster includes the Ballstown Road climb because, Ballstown. Hit ABG on your way back into Lancaster, if you are feeling thirsty.