June 27 Introduction to Bicycle Maintenance Course

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Have you ever been out on a ride and wondered, “If I get a flat tire would I know how to fix it”? Or, “Could I adjust these brakes myself?” Or the dreaded, “What do I call this weird part making a noise when I go into the bike shop?”

Your worries may be over. Register for the Introduction to Bicycle Maintenance Course at Hush Money Bikes and learn how to perform basic maintenance tasks on your own dang bike.

Offered monthly, each course is led by Hush Money Bikes employee and United Bicycle Institute trained mechanic Kayla Layng. Class are limited to 8 attendees and are taught in a relaxed setting after hours from 6-8pm at Hush Money Bikes.

Register today for $60 and $40 of your registration fee will be returned to you as a shop credit upon completion of the course. Or, sign up for free when you purchase a new bicycle from Hush Money Bikes.

This introductory course will cover: 

- Bicycle anatomy

- Cleaning your bike

- Flat repair

- Drivetrain maintenance

- Brake adjustments


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