February 12 Drivetrain Clinic - $40 Gift Card

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Ever out on a trail or on the road and run into a mechanical issue with your bike that you have no idea how to fix? Want to know how to do it ya own dang self? Join our full-time mechanic, Kayla, for this "Self Sufficiency Clinic"* and quell those bike fears! Your $40 registration fee includes instruction from Kayla, snacks, and a $40 Hush Money gift card. Registration limited to 8 attendees. Gift Cards will be distributed at the clinic and can be applied to any future purchase.

February 12 from 3:30-5pm:

Common drivetrain issues: Shifting adjustments, broken chains, how to turn your bike into a single-speed if needed, and when is it ok to cry, just a little bit.

E-mail Kayla at [email protected] for more information. 

*Self sufficiency outside of basic bike maintenance not being promised. We don't know how to fold fitted sheets. 

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