Cleary Bikes Gecko 12" Steel

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The Cleary Gecko 12" steel youth single speed bicycle is available for purchase at Hush Money Bikes.

Big moment! If you’re looking for a seamless transition from a push bike, or you want a safe, fun first bike, the 12 inch Gecko is the rig for your 2 to 3.5-year-old rider.* The Gecko is a 12 inch lightweight kids bike and it will be your little one’s ticket to freedom. The single speed drivetrain makes learning to pedal simple and intuitive. We built a handle into the bottom of the saddle so you can easily help your child balance before they ride off on their own! Don’t worry, they’ll be back.
The Gecko is among the most lightweight kid’s bikes on the planet. We designed the bike so 2-3 year-olds fit comfortably in a kid-specific ride position that’s efficient, balanced and agile. The Gecko’s geometry and frame design and gearing work together so your blossoming biker can stand up out of the saddle, stop quickly, roll over trails and crush pump tracks. The Gecko’s low, stable center of gravity thrives on dirt, pavement, and everything in between. Your toddler will be speeding down the bike path in no time.
The Gecko ships stock with a coaster brake. A freewheel kit is available at no charge.
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