Hush Money Bikes - Bicycle Full Tune Up

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A Full Tune Up makes your bicycle smooth and quiet by addressing creaks and unwanted movement in all components.

Schedule a Full Tune Up annually or every 1,500 miles for road bikes (500 miles for mountain bikes) OR anytime you notice that your bicycle is making noise or not operating smoothly.

During your Full Tune Up, a technician at Hush Money Bikes will:

- Clean Frame and Inspect for Damage

- Adjust Bearings to Proper Torque Specifications

- True Wheels with Tires On

- Adjust Brakes

- Lubricate Cable Housings and Chain

- Adjust Shifting

- Fill Tires with Air

Your bike will be evaluated for free during your service check-in and additional parts or services may be recommended based on the unique needs of your bicycle.

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